Terms of Conditions

  1. The shipper agrees that carriage is subject to the term and conditions of trade.
  2. Any differencies of the shipment content and its onvoce, may cause unacceptance claims if the shipment are undelivered or uncleared by costum.
  3. Any claims must be brought by shipper / consignee to APX within 7 days upon arrival, no claims may be made against APX outside of the time limit. No claims for lose or damages will be entertained until all transportation charges have been paid.
  4. APX firstly not liable at all uncertain losses and damage and secondly wherever they are to be liable, the amount of liability is strictly limited to the amount stated in condition on the actual value of the documents or parcels as stated on section 5
  5. Actual Value
    • Document shall include any items of no commercial value, it should be to its cost of preparation or replacement, reconstruction value or cost of its transportation whichever is less
    • Non documents shall include any items of commercial value by reference to its cost of repair or replacement or value in the commercial invoice whichever is less.
    • APX liability for any loss and damages to the shipment is max. US $ 100.
  6. Specify damages excluded
    Its indirect loss, however arising in shipment due unexpected delay such as, loss of income, profits, interest, untility or loss market.
  7. APX does not really responsible of any damages on shipper's side as a cause of unproper packing or packaging and others aspects made by shipper.
  8. Custom Clearence. The Shipper hereby appoints APX as the shipper agent to conduct costum clearance at origin and destination countries.
  9. Collect charge. Shipper is fully responsible guaranteed that consignee will pay all charges or otherwise consignee refuses in pay, shipper willl be liable for all such charges.