Fuel Surcharge

As we know oil prices locally and internationally have been fluctuating dramatically over the past 7 (years) years. Although we have made every effort to offset changes in fuel prices thought ongoing improvement to our operation al efficiencies on those year, we are now required to reflect these unavoidable cost changes in our pricing in order for us to maintain our service levels to our customers.

All shipments international sent on or after the 1 st of January 2005 will be subject to new surcharge. We will applied the fuel surcharge and we believe our new surcharge still cheapest than our competitors.

We trust that you understand our rationale for taking this action and we can assure you our continued commitment to providing the highest possible service to customers at all times.

List of fuel surcharges applied:

* Jun 2014 Fuel Surchages Applied 22.00%

* May 2014 Fuel Surchages Applied 22.00%

* Apr 2014 Fuel Surchages Applied 22.50%